Escapade is a luxury leather bag company founded in 2017 by husband and wife Carlos Tirado and Kenia Martinez. The company's name and designs are inspired by their travels and never-ending desire to see the world. At first, the couple began making bags and leather accessories at home for themselves, family and friends. That fun side project quickly became their passion, and now they would love to invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey by experiencing their great products.

Featuring timeless creations based on classic silhouettes with a modern twist, each bag is handcrafted and designed in collaboration with different skilled artisans around Spain. Paying close attention to detail, Escapade focuses on bringing you pieces that are intentionally made for longevity, versatility, functionality, and style. 

We hope you'll find the perfect leather bag from our collection to take with you on your next Escapade!




All Escapade products are ethically handcrafted in Spain, utilizing a variety of high-quality leather such as full and top grain leather, nubuck, vegetable-tanned leather, suede, and others. Materials are responsibly sourced from Italian tanneries, while our hardware is made of Zamak or brass depending on the intended use.

Our brand values true high-quality craftsmanship, which is why 90% of our production is made by hand using traditional artisan techniques and just 10% is made by machines and only when it is completely necessary.

Each bag has a process of up to 150 steps, which includes hand cutting, sewing, buffing and painting leather edges. We meticulously go through each and every detail, taking several days to complete one piece in an effort to design timeless, beautiful and long-lasting pieces that you can carry for years to come.




- Only 100% genuine leather is used in Escapades products. The skins and hides that we work with are a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. We believe that the best use for those hides is to be transformed into leather since leather is a natural high quality and extremely durable material.

- Over time, each piece becomes more beautiful and is biodegradable unlike other synthetic material, which in turn creates less waste.

- All of our productions are responsibly made in Spain as we work alongside suppliers who offer fairly paid jobs, safe working conditions, equal opportunities, and respect for the environment.

- Our products are shipped in a 100% biodegradable boxes to make sure they break down over time, along with a reusable dust bag.

- In order to maintain quality, our products are always made in small production runs and never mass-produced.